This week on Under The Influence:
Promise Less, Profit More
(An Encore Broadcast)

Most products offer customers as many features and benefits as possible in order to lure shoppers toward a purchase. But then there are some companies that offer you less, and profit more. We’ll look at a book company that eliminated their books and made millions, an electronics company that broke all the rules by eliminating […]

This week on Under the Influence:
Objection Overruled: Law Firm Advertising

This week, we explore the world of law firm advertising. Some of it good, some of it bad, but a handful of it highly creative. We’ll break down the lawyer advertising lawsthat get some firms in trouble, we’ll look at the controversial billboard that got one lawyer death threats and the YouTube campaign that went viral – […]

This week:
Air Quality:
Rule-Breaking Radio Advertising

This week, we listen to the innovative ways marketers are using sound around the world. We’ll explore how the words of an anthem in South Africa were altered to send a powerful message about abuse, why Romanian radio stations switched over to mono to save lives and why some journalists are using music as a censorship loophole. Join […]

This week on Under The Influence
The Pompatus of Skippy:
Brand Names In Songs

This week, we look at the use of brand names in songs. Sometimes lyrical mentions lead to major brand success. Other times, to lawsuits and bans. But the stories behind each are fascinating. And our list may even include some of your favourite songs. Tune in Thursdays and Saturdays at 11:30 on CBC Radio One or subscribe to our […]

This week on Under The Influence:
Monastic Merchandise:
Products Made By Monks

This week, we look at products made by monks. Monks create a myriad of merchandise that is sold to the public. Some sing and sell CDs of their chants. Others brew their own beer. A few even deal in cannabis. But in almost all cases, the products sell well and sell fast. And the reasons why…are fascinating. Tune in Thursdays […]

This week on Under The Influence:
Vending Machines:
Coin-Operated Marketing

This week, we explore the fascinating world of vending machines. Vending machines aren’t just soft drink dispensers, they’re marketing machines. They’re portable, branded on all sides and are becoming smarter and smarter. The list of wacky items you can find in vending machines around the world may surprise you. Listen to a preview here:   Tune in Thursdays […]

This week on Under The Influence
A Matter of Time:
The History of Commercial Lengths

This week, we look at the history of commercial lengths. From the very first 10-minute radio commercial in 1922, to five-second commercials today, the length of ads has changed dramatically over the decades. But it’s not the changing lengths of commercials that’s so fascinating. It’s the reasons why. Tune in Thursdays and Saturdays at 11:30 on CBC Radio […]

This week on Under The Influence:
Wacky Ad Spaces

This week on Under The Influence, we look at unusual and unexpected advertising placements. As the world of marketing gets more and more cluttered every day, it’s forcing advertisers to get creative. From urinals and sheep to foreheads and armpits, welcome to the world of wacky ad spaces. Tune in Thursdays and Saturdays at 11:30 on CBC […]

Under The Influence Returns January 3rd

Our 2019 season returns to the airwaves Thursdays and Saturdays at 11:30am on CBC Radio One beginning January 3. We’ve got a fun season planned. See you in the New Year…

Event: Top Ten in Toronto

This November, Terry spoke at the 2018 Top Ten Event in support of Future Possibilities for Kids, where 10 speakers spoke for 10 minutes each about boycotting your old thoughts. A truly inspiring event for a great cause.