Under the Influence

About the show

Back in 2005, I was at a lunch with three good friends from the radio business. Over a few beers, one of those friends, Larry MacInnis, said, “You know, Terry, if you were to break your annual creative radio seminar into smaller pieces, it would make an interesting radio show.”

See, once a year, I would stage a big radio event, and invite about 200 young copywriters to a theatre. Over the course of the day, I would teach them how to produce creative radio commercials.

But I had never thought of turning it into a radio series.

So I laughed and said to Larry, “Who would run a radio show like that?” He paused, and said, “The CBC.”

To which I replied, “You mean the advertising-free CBC? The network people flee to in order to avoid advertising? That network?”

“Yeah,” he said.

Well, this year will mark the 19th anniversary of that radio show airing on CBC and Sirius Satellite.

It began as a 10-episode summer replacement series in 2005. Co-created with Mike Tennant, the show was titled O’Reilly On Advertising. The program explored the world of advertising in a fun and irreverent way. Response was so positive – so quickly – that CBC asked us to stay on and produce a total of 25 episodes that first year.

When CBC wanted the show to come back in 2006, we decided to recalibrate the series, take a longer view, and re-christened it, “The Age of Persuasion.”

Terry O'ReillyThe program looked at all aspects of advertising, from copywriting, to radio commercials, to TV commercials, to direct mail, to the history of advertising – then broke it all down – and took listeners behind the walls of advertising agencies and big brands.

The audience responded and grew with each season. By 2010, we were averaging about 450,000 listeners per week.

Around the same time, the show was picked up by WBEZ in Chicago, and our American audience started to grow.

In 2010, my series co-creator, Mike Tennant, went on to pursue other projects. It was as good a time as any to reboot and rebrand, as so much had changed in the world of marketing since 2005.

So Age of Persuasion continued for one more year, then in 2012, the show expanded to take a much wider look at – not just advertising – but the expanding world of marketing. With that refocus, the show changed its name to become, “Under The Influence.”

Terry O'Reilly

Since that change, our audience numbers took a big jump. We have over a million listeners per week in Canada alone, and our podcast has been downloaded over 50 million times. We also have a sizable audience abroad, with listeners in countries as far away as Britain, Germany, France, Ireland, Sweden, Australia, Japan, China, Philippines and Mexico.

In 2011, iTunes named the show the Best New Podcast of the year.

The New York Festivals awarded the show the Grand Trophy as the Best Radio Program in 2011 and again in 2012.

iTunes named Under The Influence one of the Best Podcasts of 2015.

In 2019, we were named one of Apple Podcasts Most Popular Shows Overall.

In 2022, Under the Influence was named one of Apple Podcasts Top Shows and Most-Followed Shows of the year.

And believe it or not, we’re nearing our 400th episode.

Who knew?

Besides Larry MacInnis, of course.

Under the Influence returns January 4th for its 2024 Season.


Thursdays at 11:30am
Saturdays at 11:30am


Fridays at 4pm


Saturdays at 6:30am (yawn)


A new podcast drops every Saturday. Listen on your favourite Podcast app, including:

Or, listen on demand via the CBC website or the CBC Listen app.

Fun Facts

  • We currently have over 1 million radio listeners per week in Canada.
  • …and over 50 million podcast downloads since 2012.
  • We create three versions of each episode:
    1. CBC/WBEZ Chicago
    2. Podcast
    3. Sirius Satellite Radio
  • It takes 12 hours to record and mix each 27 minute episode.
  • There are four researchers on the team. One researcher is assigned per episode. The research for each show is split between Terry and that researcher.
  • Each episode requires 30-40 hours of research.
  • It takes Terry three days to write an episode.
  • We are always juggling four episodes: One is being researched, one is being written, one is being recorded, and one is being revised for air.
  • 24 original episodes are aired each season. Two episodes per season are encore broadcasts of popular episodes from previous seasons.
  • From our first season in 2005 to the end of the 2021 season, we will have produced over 350 episodes (O’Reilly on Advertising + Age of Persuasion + Under The Influence)
  • One podcast (Unforeseen Circumstances: How Companies Are Affected By Chance) was recorded in front of a live studio audience.
  • There are no interviews on our radio show, except one single episode titled: “So You Want To Be A Voice Actor” from O’Reilly on Advertising, Episode 2.
  • A free Digital Box Set of the Under the Influence archives is now available wherever you download your podcasts.
  • Under The Influence is produced by the Apostrophe Podcast Company. It is a family business.
  • The slogans in the Under The Influence theme song are:
    • “You’re soaking in it” from the classic Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid “Madge the manicurist” commercials.
    • “You’re gonna love it in an instant” from a 1987 Carnation Instant Breakfast commercial.
    • “Your teeth look whiter than new!” from a classic 1960s Pepsodent commercial.
    • “You’re not you when you’re hungry” from the recent Snickers TV campaign.
    • “You’re in good hands with Allstate” from the long-running Allstate Insurance campaign.
    • And all of these slogans have one thing in common – they all begin with the word “You’re” or “Your” to set up “You’re under the influence… with Terry O’Reilly.”

Master Episode List

  1. Disappearing Acts: When Popular Brands Are Discontinued
  2. But Wait, There’s More! Terry Tells All: Live at the Hot Docs Podcast Festival [Subscriber-only]
  3. Copycat Brands
  4. When Bad Commercials Become Cult Classics: Live Recording from Reid’s Distillery
  5. But Wait, There’s More! Live Q&A [Subscriber-only]
  6. Cannabis Marketing
  7. BONUS: Terry Talks with a Cannabis Producer
  8. The Marketing of Taylor Swift (Taylor’s Version)
  9. But Wait, There’s More! The Marketing of Taylor Swift (Taylor’s Version) (Extended Version) [Subscriber-only]
  10. But Wait, There’s More! The Making of the Taylor Swift Episode (Terry’s Version) [Subscriber-only]
  11. Putting the Awe in Audio
  12. But Wait, There’s More! Terry Talks Super Bowl Ads [Subscriber-only]
  13. From Batawa to Port Sunlight: The Story of Company Towns (Repeat – Season IX)
  14. Seeing is Believing: The Power of Demonstration Commercials
  15. Seeing is Believing: The Power of Demonstration Commercials, Part II
  16. Buy-O-Pics: When Brands Become Movies
  17. BONUS: Terry Interviews Arkells Lead Singer Max Kerman
  18. When You’re This Big, They Call You Mister
  19. Only in Advertising: Stories from the Front Lines (Repeat – Season IX)
  20. Billionaire Tourism
  21. Cheeky Advertising
  22. Pants on Fire: When Customers Lie to Marketers
  23. But Wait, There’s More! Ask Me Anything (And you did!) [Subscriber-only]
  24. Ham on Wry: Sandwich Board Advertising
  25. Cars are the Stars: Automobile Brands in Hollywood
  26. Ads That Could Never (Ever) Run Today
  27. Disappearing Acts: When Popular Brands Are Discontinued (Repeat – Season XIII)
  28. Bookmarks 2024
  29. Die Another Day: Reviving Old Commercials
  30. But Wait, There’s More! The Sound of Under the Influence [Subscriber-only]
  31. The Final Frontier: Advertising in Outer Space
  1. London Bridge is Down: How The Queen’s Death Affects Marketing
  2. The Willy Wonka Secret: Candy Bar Advertising
  3. Tools For The Family Jewels: Gender Bending Brands
  4. One Sentence Sermons: The Wit of Church Signs
  5. Fish Where The Fish Are: Surprising Help Wanted Ads
  6. Gold, Silver & Spinach: TV Shows As Marketing
  7. Only In Advertising: Stories From The Front Lines (Repeat – Season XI)
  8. When You’ve Got It, Flaunt It: The George Lois Story
  9. The Commercial From The Black Lagoon: Horror In Advertising
  10. Dish Night At The Movies: Marketing Motion Pictures
  11. You Can Check In, But You Can Never Check Out: Branded Hotel Rooms
  12. Touch The Pickle: Marketing Gender Equality
  13. Long Overdue: The Creative Boom of Library Marketing (Repeat – Season XI)
  14. Hard Days & Golden Knights: The World of Brand Twins
  15. Johnny Wants the Jet: The Loopy World of Loopholes
  16. Hitting the Road with Marketing Mobiles
  17. Brand Envy 2023
  18. Billboards Are Always in Bloom
  19. London Bridge is Down: How the Queen’s Death Affects Marketing
    (Repeat Season XII)
  20. The Phrase That Pays: Marketing Contests
  21. Nooner Nookie: The Allure of Marketing Freebies
  22. The Allure of the Bad-Ass: Advertising Antiheroes
  23. Bookmarks 2023
  24. Hiding in Plain Sight: The Surprising Influence of Marketing
  25. Ask Terry 2023
  1. Number Fever: Surprising Stories of Bottle Cap Marketing
  2. Perry Mason Moments: The Most Unexpected Ads of 2021
  3. Long Overdue: The Creative Boom of Library Marketing
  4. Selling Love: The Business of Online Dating
  5. How Jerry Goodis Made An Advertisement A Beautiful Thing
  6. Inside the Super Bowl
  7. Marketing The Olympics (Repeat – Season III)
  8. Medicine & Miracles: The Power of Hospital Marketing
  9. Tornados and Lawsuits: Why Companies Wrestle with Name Changes
  10. Don’t Do It Advertising: Part I
  11. Don’t Do It Advertising: Part II
  12. Lions, Panties & Hotel Keys: Hollywood Publicity Stunts
  13. My Best Mistake “Bonus” Pod to celebrate Canada Reads on CBC
  14. From Batawa To Port Sunlight: The Story of Company Towns
  15. Surprising Origin Stories
  16. Only In Advertising: Stories from the Front Lines
  17. Put a Tiger In Your Tank: Advertising Gets Animated
  18. Confessions of a Book Lover: The Art of Marketing Books
  19. Number Fever: Surprising Stories of Bottle Cap Marketing (Repeat – Season VI)
  20. Brilliantly Bland: Why Boring Sells
  21. “Rule Breakers”
  22. Brand Envy 2022
  23. Bookmarks 2022
  24. Arch Enemies
  25. Ask Terry 2022
  1. The Times They Are A-Changin’: Brands Crushed By Zeitgeist
  2. Switch-Pitchers: When Spokespeople Change Brands
  3. You’re Soaking In It: Female Brand Icons
  4. Escape or Die Frying: The Art of the Movie Poster
  5. It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s Superheroes in Advertising!
  6. Red Sheep: The Power of Word-of-Mouth Advertising (Repeat, Season VIII)
  7. It’s Finger Lickin’ Bad: Marketing in the Time of Covid
  8. Celestial Advertising: The Art of Skywriting
  9. The Future is Furry: Animals in Advertising
  10. Brand Envy 2021
  11. Brands Are People, Too: Products Named After Inventors (Repeat, Season VII)
  12. Air Quotes: Creative Radio 2021
  13. Red Carpet Marketing: The Business of Award Shows
  14. One Toke Over The Line: 50-Year Marketing Milestones
  15. Who Will Buy My Memories: Fan Club Marketing
  16. I Can’t Believe I Ate The Whole Thing: Surviving The Ad Biz
  17. Son of Crocodile Dundee: Nostalgia Advertising
  18. There’s Something About Mary: Mad Woman Mary Wells
  19. Brand Envy 2021 (Repeat, Season X)
  20. Bookmarks 2021
  21. Too Many Turk Brodas: Trading Card Marketing
  22. The Show Must Go On: Broadway Marketing
  23. Tombstone Tourists: The Growth of Cemetery Tourism
  24. Can’t Get Enough of the Wonderful Duff: Fake Hollywood Brands
  25. Ask Terry 2021
  1. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel: Marketing TV Shows
  2. Goliath Meet David: Small Brands That Beat The Big Boys
  3. Putting Fans In Stands: How Sports Teams Sell Tickets
  4. Sound + Vision: Album Covers As Marketing
  5. Sound + Vision: Album Covers As Marketing, Pt. II
  6. Set Jetting: Film Locations As Tourism Marketing
  7. Getting Personal In The Classifieds (Repeat, Season I)
  8. The Name Game: Brand Names In Different Countries
  9. Search Parties: The Relentless Hunt For New Customers
  10. Come Fly With Me: Airports Are Now Brands
  11. For Better or For Worse: Wedding Marketing
  12. Striking Images: Matchbook Advertising (Repeat, Season I)
  13. Lend Us Your Ears: The Intimate Art of ASMR Marketing
  14. Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down: The New World of Online Reviews
  15. Takes a Licking and Keeps On Ticking: Advertising Torture Tests
  16. Brand Envy 2020
  17. Movie Merchandising (Repeat, Season V)
  18. Talk Ain’t Cheap: How Conversations Impact Business
  19. Flip, Flop or Fly: The World of Test Markets
  20. Setting The Table: Best Opening Stories
  21. Fix It Again, Tony: Brand Nicknames
  22. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel: Marketing TV Shows (Repeat, Season IX)
  23. Bookmarks 2020
  24. Branding A Disease
  25. You Must Remember This: The Mandela Effect
  26. Ask Terry 2020
  1. Jumping The Shark: Spokesperson Disasters
  2. Wacky Ad Spaces
  3. A Matter of Time: The History of Commercial Lengths
  4. Vending Machines: Coin Operated Marketing
  5. Monastic Merchandise: Products Made By Monks
  6. The Pompatus of Skippy: Brand Names in Songs
  7. The Most Interesting Adman in the World: The Story of Albert Lasker (Repeat, Season VI)
  8. Putting the Woo in Hollywood: Marketing the Movies
  9. Unwitting Endorsers
  10. Distress Purchases
  11. Air Quality: Innovations in Radio
  12. Objection Overruled: Law Firm Advertising
  13. Promise Less, Profit More (Repeat, Season V)
  14. Disgustingly Effective: The Marketing of Bodily Functions
  15. Little Big Towns: Roadside Attractions As Marketing
  16. Red Sheep: The Power of Word-of-Mouth Advertising
  17. Best Product in a Leading Role: Celebrity CEOs
  18. Under The Influence of My Influences
  19. Selling The Dream: Real Estate Advertising (Repeat, Season VI)
  20. To Bleep or Not To Bleep: Vulgar Trademarks
  21. Brand Envy 2019
  22. Bookmarks 2019
  23. The Risk in The Asterisk: Fine Print & Advertising Disclaimers
  24. God Save the Commercial: When Ads Are Banned
  25. Ask Terry 2019
  1. Put It Between Your Knees & Squeeze: Marketing A Fad
  2. I See A Little Silhouetto Of A Brand: How Old School Products Survive
  3. Damn The Torpedoes
  4. Underwear In Your Mailbox: Subscription Marketing
  5. Delicious Names: Marketing Appetite Appeal
  6. A Wild & Crazy Idea: How Companies Solve Big, Hairy Problems
  7. Comic Book Advertising
  8. Kentucky Fried Brand Myths
  9. Celebrities: Living To Tell The Tales
  10. Worthless to Priceless
  11. Brands Are People, Too: Products Named After Inventors
  12. Famous Jingles
  13. Famous Jingles, Part II
  14. It’s The Little Things (Repeat, Season I)
  15. Hey Vern! When Ads Go Hollywood
  16. Brand Envy 2018
  17. Bookmarks 2018
  18. Lemonade: Marketing A Negative
  19. Colour Schemes: How Colours Make You Buy (Repeat, Season II)
  20. Avon Calling: Door-To-Door Marketing
  21. Marching Orders: Household Products Invented By The Military
  22. Guinness Book Of World Ad Records
  23. How Tourism Survives A Tragedy
  24. Fasten Your Seatbelts: How Self-Driving Cars & Marketing Collide
  25. Ask Terry 2018
  1. The Crazy World of Trademarks
  2. LIVE PODCAST: Unforeseen Circumstances: How Companies Are Affected By Chance
  3. Passport Revoked: When Brands Fail Internationally
  4. What A Difference A Difference Makes: Standing Out in the Marketplace
  5. Judgment Day: Super Bowl Advertising
  6. Lead Balloons: When Negative Brand Names Work
  7. Small Move, Big Gain (Repeat, Season V)
  8. Brands In Cars Getting Coffee: Sponsorship Marketing
  9. The Elephant in the Room: Humane Marketing vs. Profit
  10. The Odd Couple: Unlikely Marketing Collaborations
  11. The Frankenstein Factor: Inventors Who Regret Their Inventions
  12. Commercial Parodies! (Repeat, Season V)
  13. The Wizarding World of Influencer Marketing
  14. Selling The Dream: Real Estate Advertising
  15. Guys and Dolls: Gender Marketing, Part I
  16. Guys and Dolls: Gender Marketing, Part II
  17. When Madison Avenue Met Broadway: The World of Industrial Musicals
    (Repeat, Season V)
  18. Grab Your Wallet: When Brands Go Political
  19. Brand Envy: #CANADA150
  20. The Most Interesting Adman in the World: The Story of Albert Lasker
  21. The Crazy World of Trademarks (Repeat, Season VI)
  22. The Lean Mean Fat Reducing Money Machine: How Marketing Affects Sports
  23. Now Splinter Free: How Marketing Broke Taboos
  24. Cannes Creative Advertising Be Effective?
  25. Bookmarks 2017
  26. Ask Terry 2017
  1. How Marketing Created Rituals
  2. Promise Less, Profit More
  3. Zombie Brands
  4. When Marketers Lie
  5. Small Move, Big Gain
  6. Words Invented By Marketers
  7. Tourism Marketing (Repeat – Season IV)
  8. Movie Merchandising
  9. Achilles Heel Advertising: Repositioning The Competition
  10. Live and Let Buy: Where You Live Dictates What You Purchase
  11. Liar For Hire: And Other Strange Service Companies
  12. Sue Me Sue You Blues: Famous Advertising Lawsuits (Repeat – Season IV)
  13. Bouncing Back: How Marketers Survive Debacles
  14. World’s Oldest Brands
  15. Business As Unusual: The World of B2B Advertising
  16. Brand Envy (2016)
  17. Selling Yourself: The Art of Personal Branding (Repeat – Season IV)
  18. Strange Bedfellows: Advertising & Porn – Part I
  19. Strange Bedfellows: Advertising & Porn – Part II
  20. Radio Still Makes Waves
  21. Persuasive Perks: The World of Loyalty Programs
  22. Bookmarks (2016)
  23. When Madison Avenue Met Broadway: The World of Industrial Musicals
  24. Commercial Parodies
  25. Ask Terry (2016)
  1. Strange Brands
  2. Controversy Advertising
  3. Selling Ugly
  4. Selling The Moon – Part I
  5. Selling The Moon – Part II
  6. Marketing Hit Songs
  7. Sunny With A Chance of Mouse Traps: How Weather Affects Marketing (Repeat – Season III)
  8. For Your Consideration: The Hollywood Oscar Campaigns The Public Never Sees
  9. Geography As Branding
  10. The Sharing Economy
  11. Giftvertising
  12. Nudge: The Persuasive Power of Whispers (Repeat – Season III)
  13. The Marketing Innovations Episode
  14. Limited Edition Brands
  15. Tourism Marketing
  16. Brand Envy (2015)
  17. Show Me The Money: The World of Product Placement
  18. Elevator Pitches (Repeat – Season III)
  19. Even In The Dark: How Packaging Persuades You To Buy
  20. Sue Me, Sue You Blues: Famous Advertising Lawsuits
  22. The Internet of (Marketing) Things
  23. Brand Envy (2015) (Repeat – Season IV)
  24. Selling Yourself: The Art of Personal Branding
  25. Ask Terry
  1. Looking Out For #1
  2. The Psychology of Price
  3. Cause Marketing
  4. Marketing Rock ‘N Roll – Part I
  5. Marketing Rock ‘N Roll – Part II
  6. Marketing The Olympics
  7. Ambush Marketing
  8. Radio Is Dead: Long Live Radio (Repeat – Season II)
  9. Have It Your Way: How Mass Customization Is Changing Marketing
  10. Viral Videos
  11. Advertising Alumni
  12. Sunny With A Chance of Mousetraps: How Weather Affects Marketing
  13. Tales of Customer Service (Repeat – Season II)
  14. Elevator Pitches
  15. Terry’s Bookshelf
  16. Brand Envy (2014)
  17. Nudge: The Persuasive Power of Whispers
  18. Game Shows As Marketing (Repeat – Season II)
  19. When Founders Are The Face of The Company
  20. Selling Death
  21. 21st Century Brands
  22. Looking Out for #1 (Repeat – Season III)
  23. Satisfaction Guaranteed
  24. When Brands Mock Other Brands
  25. Dear Terry
  1. Shame: The Secret Tool of Marketing
  2. A Prize In Every Box: Premiums, toys and Box-Tops
  3. Timing Is Everything
  4. Radio is Dead: Long Live Radio
  5. Buy Less: How Some Companies Profit By Asking You To Spend Less
  6. Look What They’ve Done To My Song, Ma
  7. Colour Schemes: How Colours Make Us Buy (Repeat – Season I)
  8. Coming Soon: The Art of The Movie Trailer
  9. Marketing Stunts
  10. Billion Dollar Brands
  11. Tales of Customer Service
  12. Selling Danger
  13. Hyper-Targeting: How Brands Track You Online (Repeat – Season I)
  14. Famous Marketing Blunders
  15. Game Shows As Marketing
  16. Loss Leaders: How Companies Profit By Losing Money
  17. Brand Envy
  18. It’s The Little Things (Repeat – Season I)
  19. Nothing In Common: How Hollywood Portrays Ad People
  20. Real Time Advertising
  21. Nobody’s Dead Anymore: Marketing Deceased Celebrities
  22. Shame: The Secret Tool of Marketing (Repeat – Season II)
  23. Trust In Advertising
  24. This I Know
  25. Dear Terry
  1. A New BRIC In The Wall
  2. Men Are From Sears: Women Are From Bloomingdale’s
  3. Voices of Influence
  4. Great Brands That Never Advertise
  5. Getting Personal In The Classified Ads
  6. Big Chill Marketing: The Influence of Music
  7. The Marketing Genius of Steve Jobs – Part I
  8. The Marketing Genius of Steve Jobs – Part II
  9. Movie Marketing
  10. Marketing In A Crisis
  11. Accidental Brands
  12. Handcuffed By Brand Image
  13. When Big Brands Houdini
  14. Mascots
  15. Charlie Bit My Ad: When Advertising Works Too Well
  16. Sex In Advertising
  17. Hyper-Targeting
  18. Colour Schemes: How Colours Make You Buy
  19. Brand Envy
  20. When Brands Apologize: Sorry Seems To Be The Smartest Word
  21. Books, Books, Books
  22. LGBT Advertising
  23. It’s The Little Things
  24. Striking Images: Matchbook Advertising
  25. Dear Terry
  1. Green Marketing
  2. Luxury Advertising
  3. Candid Commercials
  4. Speed Bumps
  5. Marketing Pioneers
  6. Even More Remarkable Brands
  7. Marketing The Unpleasant (Repeat – Season IV)
  8. AOP Goes To The Movies
  9. The Commercials You Grew Up With
  10. Burn The Boats
  11. Pitchmen (Repeat – Season IV)
  12. Mad Women
  13. Dynamic Duos: The Famous Partnerships In Advertising
  14. Three Foot Marketing
  15. All Things Being Equal: Parity Products (Repeat – Season IV)
  16. The Happy Homemaker: How Advertising Invented The Housewife (Part One)
  17. The Happy Homemaker: How Advertising Invented The Housewife (Part Two)
  18. Genericide: When A Brand Name Becomes Generic
  19. Opportunism (Repeat – Season IV)
  20. The Sound of Persuasion
  21. Ageism In Advertising
  22. Slogans (Repeat – Season IV)
  23. Terry’s Book Club
  24. Diversity In Advertising
  25. Ask Terry Again
  1. Marketing The Unpleasant
  2. Buzz
  3. Pitchmen
  4. Heroes & Villains
  5. Persuasion Fail
  6. Slogans
  7. Categories
  8. Are People Idiots?
  9. Being There: Selling Experiences
  10. Marketing The Unpleasant (Repeat – Season IV)
  11. All Things Being Equal: Parity Products
  12. Context
  13. Buzz (Repeat – Season IV)
  14. Oddballs: Singular Campaigns
  15. Privacy
  16. Pitchmen (Repeat – Season IV)
  17. Where Power Resides
  18. Profiles In Marketing Courage
  19. Negative Advertising
  20. Opportunism
  21. A Few More Remarkable Brands
  22. Ask Terry Some More
  23. Mad Men
  1. A Taste For Blood: Direct Marketing
  2. Recession Marketing
  3. Nasty Is The New Nice
  4. Rethink The Shark
  5. According To Hoyle
  6. The Human Face of Persuasion (Repeat – Season I)
  7. Breaking The Contract (Repeat – Season I)
  8. Commandeering Holidays
  9. Great Canadian Campaigns
  10. Repetition, Repetition, Repetition
  11. Sun Tzu and The Art of Persuasion
  12. A Taste For Blood: Direct Marketing (Repeat – Season II)
  13. Selling God
  14. Brand Loyalty
  15. Big and Small
  16. Recession Marketing (Repeat – Season III)
  17. The Real Deal: Authenticity
  18. The Myths of Persuasion
  19. Marketing The Invisible
  20. Great Canadian Campaigns (Repeat – Season III)
  21. Entertainment Or Nothing
  22. The Museum of Persuasion
  23. Urban Legends
  24. Embracing New Media
  25. Ask Terry
  1. There’s Never A Marques of Queensbury Around When You Need One
  2. The Sport of Persuasion
  3. Old Media, New Media, Borrowed Media, Blue Media
  4. Branding The News
  5. Guerrillas In Our Midst (Repeat – Season I)
  6. Everything I Need To Know About Life I Learned From Agency Pitches
  7. Leaving Your Mark
  8. 23 Things I’d Like To change About Advertising
  9. Reviving The Brand
  10. The Trouble With Big
  11. Royal Jelly
  12. Advertisers As Censors
  13. Award In Edgewise (Repeat – Season I)
  14. Crowd Control
  15. The Strategy of Persuasion
  16. In Defence of Advertising
  17. It’s The Insight, Stupid (Repeat – Season I)
  18. Emotion
  19. The Myth of Mass Marketing
  20. Selling War
  21. Frontiers and Boundaries (Repeat – Season I)
  22. Advertising As The New Sugar Daddy
  23. Persuasion In The Niches
  24. Six Remarkable Brands — Oprah Winfrey, The Beatles, Muhammad Ali, Lego, Las Vegas and The Polar Bear
  1. Clutter
  2. The Language of Persuasion
  3. Rinse and Repeat
  4. Yoots – Youth Marketing
  5. The Lesson of Clark Gable’s Undershirt
  6. The Long and Short of It
  7. Breaking The Contract
  8. The Rise and Fall and Rise of Branded Entertainment
  9. The Human Face of Persuasion
  10. All The World’s a Marketing Opportunity
  11. Walk 1.6 Kilometres In My Shoes
  12. Strange But True Tales of Market Research
  13. Love, Marriage and Sexual Tension
  14. Branding A Nation
  15. The Persuasive Power of Storytelling
  16. Protecting The Celebrity Brand
  17. Goin’ To The Show: Super Bowl Ads
  18. A Sense of Persuasion
  19. Leaving Your Mark
  20. The YouTube Revolution
  21. By Any Other Name
  22. Guerrillas In Our Midst
  23. Frontiers and Boundaries
  24. Reviving The Brand
  25. It’s The Insight, Stupid
  26. Award in Edgewise
  27. The Wall of Cynicism
  28. The Future of Persuasion
  29. Do This Or Die
  1. When Ads Go Too Far
  2. So You Want to Be a Voice Actor
  3. Celebrities In Advertising
  4. A Brief History of Advertising
  5. The Science of Advertising
  6. David and Goliath Ad Stories
  7. Music in Advertising
  8. The Sparhawk Beer Story (AKA “From Suits to Nuts”)
  9. The Five Men Who Invented My Job
  10. The Wrath of Cannes
  11. Humour in Ads
  12. Art of the PSA
  13. In Radio, You Are the Art Director
  14. Greatest Beer Ads
  15. International Ads – A Look Around The World
  16. The Importance of Branding
  17. Using Music as a Character
  18. Advocacy Ads – Selling an Idea, Not a Product
  19. Moments – Moments That Made Commercials Great
  20. Campaigns
  21. Good Briefs, Bad Briefs, Ugly Briefs
  22. The Great Debate – Creative vs Effective
  23. Great Writing
  24. Fashions in Ad Creative – Trends
  25. Desert Island Reel – Terry’s Favourite Spots of All Time