This week on Under the Influence: Bookmarks 2019

This week, it’s our annual Bookmarks episode – where we tell fascinating stories from our research that didn’t make it into the regular season. Like – the shocking reason Beatles producer George Martin first met the Fab Four. Why an episode of Mary Tyler Moore was considered to be so morbid that a brand new director had […]

<strong>This week on Under the Influence: </strong><br>Under the Influence of My Influences

This week, I’ll be sharing some of the major influences in my life that helped inform my thinking and shape my career. Including a snowplow ad from my childhood, the sound effects from one very specific cartoon, hilarious actors I worked with and seeing the corner of a billboard flapping in the wind. It’s a little lesson in who’s had me under the influence… […]

<strong>Event: </strong><br>Winkler, Manitoba

Fun fact: Did you know that Winkler, Manitoba was recently named the second most entrepreneurial city in Canada? I had the pleasure of talking to some of those entrepreneurs this month about how to take their brand stories and transform them into marketing. Photos by Kayla Goertzen/The Film Collective.