Terry’s Two Cents on 2018’s Super Bowl Ads for the Globe and Mail

Terry was interviewed by the Globe and Mail on this year’s Super Bowl ad touchdowns and letdowns.

“While the Ram commercial certainly got his attention, O’Reilly says overall there wasn’t “an earth-shattering, standout commercial” in Super Bowl LII.

He would know.

The creator of the CBC radio show Under the Influence dedicated a program to Super Bowl ad history called Judgment Day.

His judgment of this year’s ads includes pegging Tide and Amazon as winners.

Though he was critical of how Chrysler used a civil rights hero to sell trucks, he felt Toyota actually succeeded in using religious leaders to present a message of equality and inclusiveness with its “One Team” ad.

“The commercial where the rabbi picks up the priest, the imam and the Buddhist monk in his Toyota truck to go the game was funny,” O’Reilly said. “Religion is always a touchy subject in advertising”, he explained “but it was well done.”

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