Pink Flamingos & The Yellow Pages: The Surprising Stories Behind the Colors of Our World by Bob Hambly

I’ve always been fascinated by how colours influence our lives. And our decisions.

Colours are sometimes easy to ignore on a superficial level, but the impact they have in the deeper recesses of our minds is always surprising.

A fantastic new book by Bob Hambly tells you the history and the reasons behind the colours.

Ever wondered why clay tennis courts are burnt orange? There’s a reason.

What prompted the phrase “a red letter day.” History holds the answer.

Find out why the Yellow Pages were yellow. Hint: It was a desperate decision.

Where does the word “vermilion” come from? Clue: It has to do with a worm.

Everyone seems to know that a white hardhat signifies a foreman. But did you know that hardhats come colour-coded – with each signifying a different trade.

And did you know that the plastic tags that keep your bread fresh also have colour codes? Each colour tells you something specific about that particular loaf.

Every story is fascinating. Every story an epiphany.

My friend Bob Hambly knows his stuff. He was one of the top graphic designers in the country for decades. He and his wife Barb Woolley founded a firm called Hambly & Woolley.

Their logo? A pig and a sheep.
Love it.

Pick up this new book and regale your next dinner companions.
Highly recommended.

Top 3 Reasons To Read This Book:

1. The surprising stories – Especially the ones about the things you see every day. Like green highways signs. Why are they green?

2. The key insights – Not only does Bob give you the history of the colour, he gives you the implications, the meaning and the science of the shade.

3. Bob’s keen eye – It’s not just the big colours in our lives that Bob focuses on, his shrewd eye catches the non-tangible hues, too. Like why some stocks are referred to as “blue chip.”