Love at First Sight

One day, I was talking to my wife Debbie (who produces our radio show) about the fact I have to drive four hours every time I have to record a new episode of Under The Influence. After 12 years, it was getting tough to do that drive. We had been talking about Airstream trailers earlier that morning. I have always loved Airstream trailers. I love the shape, I love how unique they are, I love Airstream history and I particularly love the metallic finish.

Debbie then looked at me and said, “Could you convert an Airstream trailer into a portable recording studio?” In that moment the light bulb went off for me. It was absolutely possible.

So I began my hunt for an Airstream. I knew I wanted a vintage model – circa 1960s. I wanted to find one in pretty good shape and I wanted to find one that was about 18 feet long – no longer, no shorter. (Most are 20+ feet long). My searching quickly told me that almost all Airstream trailers for sale are in the States. So I started searching border states. I found a few that looked great in New York state and Michigan. It would mean a big undertaking – traveling far and wide to look at trailers – then if we found one, we would have to get all the paperwork, deal with border issues and haul it back.

Then one day, I happened to spot an ad online for a 1969 Airstream Caravel for sale in Cambridge. Just 90 minutes from my house! Couldn’t believe my luck. Debbie and I headed over to see it and liked what we saw. A few dents, a few scratches, but in pretty good shape for a near 50-year old trailer. We did a deal for it right on the spot. That meant no trips to the States. No border issues. Perfect.

This was the very first glimpse we got of the Airstream. We drove to Cambridge to see it, pulled up and here’s what we saw.