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There are 2 ways you can hire Terry to interact with your organization or clients:

1. Roundtable Consulting

Here’s what Terry offers: He provides “Roundtable Consulting” – where he comes into your company or organization, rolls up his sleeves with senior management or staff, and takes a deep dive with you to identify issues, helps clarify your thinking, and impresses his marketing knowledge against your problems and marketing opportunities.  He offers half day and full day rates.

Here’s what Terry doesn’t offer.  He no longer creates marketing/advertising campaigns.  In other words, he doesn’t tell you what to think, he shows you how to think.


  • Terry, you were a massive hit and the office was a buzz after your departure. You have given us a lot of inspiration and 'homework' which will be of great value. Thank you for the great job done.

    Blake Jarrett Blake Jarrett & Company / President
  • The talk by Terry was well received by our group. We received a good road map as to how to go about the marketing of our specialty. Everybody is now energised and anxious to get going. It was everything I expected.

    Dr. Ian Milne
  • SPN is at a pivotal point in our Canada, Japan and US markets. Terry was asked to help us reboot business development. He assimilated our context quickly and provided insightful, game changing strategies for the next level of growth. Terry certainly stood up to our expectations of him as the "best marketer in Canada". His wisdom is unparalleled! We continue to engage him through implementation.

    Peter Goodman Solar Power Network / President & CEO

 2. Evening Events
(For clients and potential clients)

Another option is to stage an evening cocktail event for clients, or to attract potential clients. This usually takes the form of an interesting and relaxed discussion in front of your guests – with a host asking Terry specific questions about marketing and advertising, leading to a lively discussion. Then the floor is opened up to the audience to ask whatever is on their minds. After the Q&A, Terry is happy to mingle and chat with your guests.

  • Terry spoke at the evening banquet of the GrowCanada conference and he was fantastic. Delegates received a copy of his book, and at the end of the night delegates not only made sure they took the book home with them, but they also wanted to get it signed for a chance to talk to Terry. His ability to infuse humour into a powerful message and really tap into how to tell our story was extremely well-received.

    Jillian Bender GrowCanada Conference Coordinator
  • Thank you very much for helping make last night such an amazing success. The feedback we received was outstanding. People LOVED Terry's Q&A session, and everyone thought he was phenomenal. In fact, many people commented that his talking inspired so many ideas for their companies that they are going to start implementing.

    Matthew Slutsky BuzzBuzzHome / President

Formal Keynote Presentations

For marketing conferences and large events, click here for more information.

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