Cartoon Ter Sweatshirt


By now, you know the Terstream. It’s shiny, it’s mobile, it’s where we record every episode of Under the Influence. But have you met Cartoon Ter?

We cartoon-ified Terry a long time ago. If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve surely seen Cartoon Ter in all kinds of precarious situations. We toss him into a helmet for Super Bowl Advertising, we give him hair for throwback episodes. So, it was only fitting we finally embroider him onto a sweatshirt. But look closely – this sweatshirt also features the classic Under The Influence logo on the sleeve.

Black crewneck sweatshirt, embroidered Ter & logo.

Unisex sizing.

This sweatshirt makes a great gift idea for an Under the Influence superfan. It features our show’s classic branding on the sleeve AND Terry’s melon on the chest. What more could a dedicated comma cozy listener need?