Voila! You are looking at a brand, new 1969 Airstream Caravel. All new from the frame up. New exterior lighting all around. Polished to a mirror finish.

Looking Polished

Craig has polished the exterior – a huge undertaking. Multi-step process, takes about a week to do. But the results are stunning.

A Gift from Craig

Love this: As a surprise, Craig had my latest book cover put on one of the pillows. Amazing. Interior is complete.

Vintage Lighting

Look at this: Craig has found old microphones and installed lighting inside them. One on either side of the banquette table.

Too Cool

Craig created this lighting control – using old-style toggle switches – keeping in line with our vintage studio look.

Look Up

Things are really starting to move now. Seating finished. Folding table installed. Look up – air conditioning unit is in. All window baffles are in Flooring is installed. Lighting is in. More on that next.

It’s All Coming Together

My recording desk is installed! This is where all my recording equipment will be. Notice that the seating and pillows have arrived, too.


Craig has finished the cabinet – and covered it in Fender amplifier material. We have decided on a retro studio look for the interior, and the Fender amp material is perfect – complete with a Fender logo.