This I Know:
Marketing Lessons from
Under the Influence

Over the past 11 years on CBC Radio, Terry has covered countless marketing topics, from the origins of modern marketing to how the advertising industry invented the happy housewife. But embedded within those episodes are hundreds of insights and tips for effective marketing. Whether your company is new or old, whether you sell a product or a service, whether your organization is for-profit or non-for-profit, “This I Know: Lessons from Under The Influence” is a collection of marketing epiphanies to help companies outsmart their competitors, not outspend them. This is a book for all the small and medium-sized marketers who can’t afford a high-priced advertising agency.

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  • This I Know: Marketing Lessons from Under the Influence, opens with 14 sturdy, anecdote-infused chapters covering the basics of marketing – from strategy to storytelling to nudging – in an engaging, memorable way. His final chapter, a punchy series of “This I Know” statements, crystallizes those ideas and shares his most compelling beliefs.   Read more

    Harvey Schachter The Globe & Mail
  • Terry O’Reilly wasn’t always bald. The ad vet and radio personality makes a point of saying so in his second book, This I Know, a highlight reel of the most crucial lessons O’Reilly learned in nearly three decades of work in Canadian copywriting – an iconic career he holds responsible for anything that may or may not have happened to his hairline since. Here are your takeaways...   Read more

    Terra Arnone National Post
  • It's not my fault — but it is my problem. This is a Disney World mantra that you should adopt if you're serious about customer service. When a customer comes to you with a complaint, you don't duck, dodge or do nothing. You don't transfer their call, forward their email or tell them to talk to someone else. You don't pass the buck or say your hands are tied and nothing can be done. Read more

    Jay Robb The Hamilton Spectator
  • Terry O'Reilly's This I Know: Marketing Lessons from Under The Influence is exactly the book you should be reading if you’re like me and consider his CBC Radio show, Under the Influence, to be one of your favourites. Justly billed by his publisher as “Canada’s most famous adman”, he brings some of his best stories you may have already heard on his program along with a ton of new ones.   Read more

    Robert Kronbauer Vancouver Is Awesome
  • As with his earlier book, This I Know: Marketing Lessons from Under the Influence is based on O’Reilly’s radio work, yet it has a different feel from The Age of Persuasion. Here the emphasis is on life lessons he has drawn during his 30 years in the advertising industry and as co-founder of Toronto-based Pirate Radio & Television. The author wants readers to "know" what he has learned so they can better design their own marketing strategies.   Read more

    Christopher Adams Winnipeg Free Press
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