Under the Influence is back!

Under the Influence is back on the air with a brand new 2020 season. It’s good to be back. Here’s where you can listen this year: CBC Radio: Thursdays and Saturdays at 11:30. Sirius [...]

Under The Influence Returns to the Airwaves January 2

We’re within earshot of our 2020 season! Under the Influence returns to the airwaves January 2 with a brand new season. From unique and innovative wedding marketing to how losing sports [...]

Under the Influence named one of Apple Podcasts 2019 Most Popular Shows Overall

A massive thank you to all our loyal listeners who earned us a spot on Apple Podcasts Best Listens of 2019 list as one of the Most Popular Shows Overall. An honour. And it’s all thanks to you.

This week on our Under the Influence Summer Series
Brands In Cars Getting Coffee:
Sponsorship Marketing

This week, we enter the delicate world of Sponsorship Marketing. Close to 20 billion sponsorship dollars are spent each year in North America. That money can keep a brand afloat, or it can cause [...]

Catch the
Under the Influence Summer Series

Under the Influence is on hiatus until January. But our Summer Series of popular episodes from seasons 5 and 6 has officially kicked off. Here’s when to tune in: Hope you’ll join us.

This week on the final 2019 episode of Under the Influence:
Ask Terry

This week, it’s the final episode of our 2019 season: Ask Terry. And as we do every year, we’re turning this show over to you, our listeners, and answering your questions on the air. From whether [...]

This week on Under the Influence:
God Save The Commercial: When Ads Are Banned

This week, we look at banned commercials. The majority of the time, ads are banned for being sexist or too suggestive. But many commercials are banned for other, more fascinating [...]

This week on Under the Influence:
The Risk in The Asterisk:
Fine Print & Advertising Disclaimers

This week, we unpack the nuanced world of Advertising Disclaimers.  We’ll look at the most absurd product disclaimers of all time, why a shocking disclaimer on a brand of Lays chips sparked a 50% [...]

This week on Under the Influence:
Bookmarks 2019

This week, it’s our annual Bookmarks episode – where we tell fascinating stories from our research that didn’t make it into the regular season. Like – the shocking reason Beatles [...]

This week on Under the Influence:
Brand Envy 2019

This week, it’s our annual look at brands I admire. They may not be the coolest or the biggest brands – but they’re fascinating studies in marketing. From a record store with a sense of humour to [...]