This week:
Delicious Names:
Marketing Appetite Appeal

This week, we explore how marketers saved certain foods from oblivion by changing…their names. Many foods you enjoy started out life with very unappetizing names. Some so off-putting, I’m willing [...]

This I Know Makes CBC Books 2017 Bestsellers in Canada List

Very proud to have made CBC Books Bestselling Books in Canada of 2017 list. A big thank you to everyone who picked up a copy of my book This I Know: Marketing Lessons from Under The Influence. To [...]

This week:
Underwear In Your Mailbox:
Subscription Marketing

This week, we delve into the emerging world of subscription marketing. Did you know you could have underwear sent to your door every month? How about joining the Salami of the Month club? Or [...]

This week:
Damn The Torpedoes

This week, we explore the advertising campaigns that had everything stacked against them and yet went on to become hugely successful. The resistance may have come from clients who hated the idea, [...]

This week:
I See A Little Silhouetto Of A Brand:
How Old School Products Survive

This week, we analyze how old school products survive in the 21st century. Many brands can’t keep up with the digital age, but others have found a way to succeed – some doing even better business [...]

This week:
Put It Between Your Knees & Squeeze:
Marketing A Fad

Kicking off our 2018 season, we explore how some of the craziest fads are marketed. We’ll look at how one student’s school project changed the way we sleep, why a single toy made Tyco [...]

Under The Influence Is Back With a Brand New Season

Under The Influence returned to the airwaves January 4th with a brand spanking new season. Hope you’ll join us…