Fingers Crossed

Craig has lifted the body off the frame and pulled the frame out. Now he’s going to remove the rotted wood to take a look at the frame. Fingers crossed.

A Screw Loose

See where the screw is pointing? That’s daylight coming through. That’s what I feared most – we need new flooring. That could also mean the frame is rusted. We’ll find that out soon enough. Save

Water Damage

Hmmm. Floor is not looking good. There is clear water damage that has eaten through the wood floor.

Look Down

Here all the old insulation has been completely stripped. Now we get a look at the floor.

Tin Roof, Rusted

Craig is taking everything out, even the insulation on the ceiling and walls. We will eventually have to put special soundproof insulation on every inch of the trailer. This entire trailer will [...]

Gutting it

Once everything is out, we can see what shape the flooring is in. Hoping it’s not too bad…

Step One

First step, everything inside the Airstream has to come out. We want to start with a blank canvas.

Meet Craig Dorsey

We finally made it. I’m standing with Craig Dorsey, who will transform this Airstream into a beautiful recording studio.

Where’s the Trailer?

As we hauled the trailer out to Nova Scotia, I would occasionally ask my wife: “Is the trailer still back there?!

Video: Digby, NS

We survived the ferry, which was quite posh. Had breakfast and watched a movie. Now off to Craig Dorsey’s house to drop off the trailer! Watch Here