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Pirate Radio & Television

The company Terry co-founded, where for over 20 years he was a commercial writer/director. Pirate specializes in the writing and directing of radio commercials, and the creation of music and sound for television commercials and animated programs.


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The Advertising Age Timeline

A fantastic timeline of the history of the advertising industry.

Curiosity House Books and Gallery

One of Terry's favourite bookstores, located in beautiful Creemore, Ontario.


A Japanese ad site with one of the greatest collections of interviews with the giants of advertising.

Ads of The World.

A fantastic site of ad archives.

Vintage Ad Browser.

Want to find a vintage print ad from the 1930s? 1950s? This is the place.

The Official Mad Men Site

A fun and informative site about the hottest show on television, and one Terry's industry loves.

Trend Hunter

An excellent site that hunts for trends around the world.

Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels of Separation

Mitch Joel is one of the best thinkers in the world of new media. He and Terry have done a few marketing events together, and Terry has a lot of respect for him. Check out his site.

Wikipedia - Under The Influence 

Wikipedia’s entry for Under the Influence.

Wikipedia - Age Of Persuasion 

Wikipedia’s entry for The Age of Persuasion.

Wikipedia - O’Reilly on Advertising 

Wikipedia’s entry for the first season then called O’Reilly on Advertising.

Wikipedia (Terry O’Reilly)

No, not the hockey player.


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